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The Origins of New Year

Why do we celebrate the New Year on January 1st? If you have ever wondered about the
idea of celebrating the new upcoming year like me, it is time for you to look through the
facts about the big celebration day.

About Numbers

First of all it all started with the master mind behind this idea, Julius Caesar. Before
Julius Caesar the New Years Eve was celebrated whenever people wish to do and

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Does the New Ytterbium Clock Knock Out the Einstein's Theory of Relativity?

In the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), there is a new discovery of atomic clocks, which is known to be 10 times more precise than an atomic clock we use it in our daily lives. Andrew Ludlow who is a physicist at NIST also a clock-maker, made a clock that are not so ordinary as it does not have gears or pendulums. The new clock is based on ytterbium atoms that show stable back and forth movements like the old wal...

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