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Details about Guatemala

Time zone ---
Summer (DST) ---
Time zones 1
Long Name GT
Capital City Guatemala City
Currency GTQ
Abbreviations GT, GTM
Phone Code 502
Language Spanish

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Guatemala city

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melta Guatemala
Mayan Guatemala
Guatemala 2

More information about Guatemala

Guatemala, located in Central America, is known for its mixed Mayan and Spanish culture and its ever-changing weather. The country’s capital is Guatemala City and it has a population of 13.8 million. There are a total of 23 languages spoken in Guatemala but the country’s official language is Spanish. The country suffers with extreme poverty, drug trafficking and corruption yet is none the less a popular tourist destination. The currency used is the Quetzal (GTQ). Guatemala’s path has left an imprint on the Guatemala flag, reflecting the tenacity and pride of its people from the pre-Columbian age through its war for independence and subsequent hardships.

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