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Часовой пояс ---
Лето (летнее время) ---
Координаты 61.892635, -6.911806
Страна Faroe islands
Валюта DKK Denmark Krone
Язык Faroese
Телефонный код 298

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Фарерские острова

The Faroe Islands, or Føroyar (meaning "Sheep Islands"), are located in the North Atlantic Ocean between Norway, Iceland and Scotland. The capital city of the Faroe Islands is Tórshavn, the official languages are Faroese and Danish and there are 49,000 people living on this country’s 18 islands. These islands are part of the Kingdom of Denmark but have maintained local rule since 1948 and have their own representatives in the Nordic Council. The currency used is the Faroese króna (DKK).

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